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WRS withDan


So you did your homework, spoke to your friends, and googled the internet. You have finally decided to have your photography portraiture taken at the award-winning White Room Studio in Singapore. So how do you go about it, and what happens during and after the shoot? Clients or clients-to-be have their own set of FAQs (frequently asked questions) on this topic and so we decided to compile them all and post a step-by-step guide for the entire process - right up to the day you collect your pictures. Read on!


Step 1: Choosing the right Portraiture Collection

A pre-shoot chat in person or over email and phone establishes our rapport with you, which also gives us a chance to get to know you and the styles of portraiture you seek. These are the portraiture collections available at White Room Studio, which you can choose from:

Family Portraiture
First Year/Cake Smash Portraiture
Graduation Portraiture
Maternity Portraiture
Newborn Portraiture
Pet Portraiture
Friendship Portraiture
Glamour/Personal Portraiture
Couple Portraiture
Pre-Wedding Portraiture
Corporate Portraiture (Standard or Artistic packages)


Newborn bts

We also do outdoor/residential or office shoots, so contact us to find out more and get a quote.

Professional hair & makeup (optional service) is available at $150/pax.

Call/email or text us to ask for more details. We will usually reply within 24 hours unless we are closed. You can reach us by:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 62357037
Mobile: 87550868


Step 2: Choosing the date

Naturally, the larger the group coming for the shoot, the more co-ordination is needed to ensure the entire group or family comes in for the shoot on time. Assign yourselves a Main Contact who will be the direct liaison with White Room Studio to arrange the date and time for the shoot and the subsequent viewing session.

White Room Studio's opening hours for shoots are from:
10am to 7pm from Monday to Friday
10am to 6pm on Sundays
Closed on Saturdays

If you can only come for Sunday/weekend shoots, we advise you to book at least 2 weeks in advance; or 4 weeks during peak/festive periods.


Step 3: Preparation before the shoot

It is vital for all participants of the shoot (both humans and pets) to have sufficient rest and food before the shoot.


best friend 7

For the shoot, do prepare 2-3 outfit changes (corporate shoots excluded). Here are some tried and tested suggestions:

Colour coordination for outfits is very important. Earthy, neutral or pastel colours work best. If you want to keep it simple, here are some tried and tested options:
1. white tops with khaki pants. Long-sleeve mandarin collar shirt is nice on guys, and ladies can be in nice white summery dresses.
2. black tops with denim jeans
3. some colours! muted colours are preferable. Eg lavender with light grey, pastel blue with soft browns.
4. Things to avoid! Polo shirts, checkered patterns, loud big logos and big floral patterns.



Ladies should have some makeup on, nothing too dramatic. Our style is about the interaction between subjects in a natural environment, thus use of props is minimal. However if there are some props you would like to play with, feel free to bring them along. Can be cute, can be personal and meaningful. Or just simply bring smiles!

White Room Studio can provide you with more preparation tips for different Collections. Just contact us to find out more!


Step 4: Day of the shoot

Directions to White Room Studio & Parking

White Room Studio is located at 219 River Valley Road, S238277,  along River Valley Road, right beside UE Square Residences.

From Fort Canning MRT Station

Please exit from Exit A, and walk along River Valley Road away from Liang Court, and towards UE Square’s direction. You will see a shophouse after the bus stop outside UE Square.

We are in a corner shophouse unit. You can park at UE Square Residences, and come out from the carpark entrance (don't take the lift lobby as that'll bring you to UE Square Mall). The entrance to the studio is along the small lane just outside of the carpark entrance.  Entrance to the car park is located behind the security guardhouse.

The entrance to the studio is along the small lane just outside of the carpark entrance. The staircase leading up to the studio is beside the coffeeshop's drinks stall. Our studio is located at level 2.


WRS Exterior

(above) A picture of our exterior for your reference.

If you have opted for a Professional hair and make up session, you will need to arrive at the studio an hour before the shoot.  

The duration for most shoots is about 1.5 hours (2 hours for Newborn shoots - because the little ones need more attention) and there will be a dressing room and garment steamer available for your usage, along with comfortable couches to relax in before the shoot.

Have a chat with the photographer before the shoot to exchange ideas on how the shoot will proceed. During the shoot, he/she will take a collection of 50-70 photographs, photographing you and your family at their best in our award winning studio.


Step  5: The Viewing Session


WhiteRoomStudio 018


The last thing we want to do is to get clients who are physically and mentally exhausted from a long photography session to spend even more time staying back to choose their pictures. This situation is further exacerbated if there are restless children, babies or furkids on hand. Instead, we will organise a viewing session with you at a later date (usually within 1 week after the shoot), and you will be invited to enjoy the photographs in the comfort of our viewing gallery - Third Room Gallery.  We will facilitate the process of choosing the best photographs to adorn the walls and shelves of your home, and our expert eyes in seeking heart-warming sequences will give you invaluable insight into the best ways to present your photographs. All you have to do is to make sure the key decision makers are present for this session.

This is the stage where you can make the decision to purchase extra pictures, displays or soft copies, depending on how many pictures you pick from the collection.


WhiteRoomStudio 015

Displays and products available for purchase from White Room Studio to adorn your home include:

Photographic prints
Wall Art Canvas
Conservation Frames
Table Art Acrylic blocks
Stone Art blocks
Wood Art blocks
Metal Wall displays
Individually retouched soft copies in signature White Room Studio styles
Coffee Table Books


Step 6: Collection

You will be in touch with your respective retoucher/photographer every step of the way as your orders are processed, and once they are ready, White Room Studio will contact you to drop by and pick them up.



We hope the above information is useful to you, and we look foward to see you soon for your next shoot!

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