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Thursday, April 18, 2019


On Mother's Day, Motherhood and the maternal bonds that hold families together are honored. This year, we look at our 2 quintessential mother figures working at White Room Studio itself to find out more about the sacrifices they put in to balance between both family and work, as well as how being mothers help in their photography work. They are mothers not only to their children, but also to their cute fur-kids. This means they are able to give us unique insights on how this helps them in their pet-shoots as well.


Elaine has been a mother for 8 years now, and she is inseparable from her little jewel of joy - Hillary. We speak to Elaine to find out how being a mother has affected her work at White Room Studio.

How do you juggle between work and motherhood?

Tri 1

I learned to be creative in time management, arranging my work schedules to coincide with my daughter's school hours. We also plan holidays in advance and discovered that holidays become so much more meaningful with creative goals in mind. For example, I've taught Hillary some photography basics, and our overseas trips sometimes centre around little photography projects. This kind of doubles-up the significance of holidays.

I'm extremely lucky to have the best team in the world doing good work in the studio, which allows me to to spend more time with my 8yo daughter Hillary. I do at times get those heart wrenching calls from her saying she “wants me right now” while I'm busy in the studio, and sometimes I wouldn't see her for 2 days straight due to work schedules and her early sleeping patterns. All the more, we enjoy the best hugs when we can!

How does being a fur-mom help in taking pet portraitures?

TeddyinWRS 038 newsletter

Having dogs and cats in my life, I kind of get an understanding on what goes on in the minds of pets. You can sense it just by looking at their eyes! Are they excited, or fearful, are they happy, or in discomfort (toilet break needed maybe?) The funny thing is, in return, animals can sense if the human they are interacting with are on their side, or not. It's a 2-way flow of communication there.

I've had several dogs in my life, and currently my fur-kid is a 2.5 year old standard poodle, Teddy. Interacting with different breeds you do get to learn about the different personality traits. Like I mentioned, dogs get it from the start if you like them or not, and they always respond in a positive manner not just to me but to all our photographers in White Room Studio.

Cats are trickier to understand if you've never own a cat! I had an emotional love story with my Siamese cat Bailey, he was with me for 19 years before he died 1.5 years ago. I understand to let cats be, that they need their space, and also know how to handle them physically in a reassuring manner without risking getting scratched by an anxious cat in the new studio environment.

A lot of the time, the camera follows the cat, you can't dictate to them where to sit and stay.

What photography tips does a mom have for other moms?

We have to remember that the time during a photo shoot is not the time to discipline or reprimand our children, no matter how you feel you have to!! For the best results in a photo shoot, it's good advice to withhold scolding just for a while, even if they are being very naughty. Promising them a reward for good behavior at the end of the shoot is a better approach. Also remember that you are being photographed as well, so positive, happy feelings will help to make the photos look warm and relaxed. Another thing I've so often heard from clients is how they were so worried that the photos wouldn't turn out nice as they felt their children didn't perform well during the shoot, and were pleasantly surprised that the photos spoke a different story! That's because our photographers know when and how to capture those spilt seconds of great shots even in the midst of chaos :)

m cover


Melody is arguably the most senior photographer here after the studio's founders. But deep inside, she is still that young, effervescent mother who has been balancing between work and 2 kids for years - putting unlimited passion equally into both endeavors.

How do you juggle between work and motherhood?

They say it takes a village to raise a child, couldn’t be more true. Im extremely lucky to have understanding co-workers and bosses whom had been most patient and accommodating to my needs- from needing to pump to special timing arrangement. 

I cherish all time spent with my two kids and I try my best not to bring work home so I can give them my full attention when I see them. 

My elder is especially interested in learning photography and hence we had been photographing her 2-year-old little brother together. I found out that it is so refreshing to view the world through the eyes of a 5-year-old.

Preggy M

How does being a fur-mom help in taking pet portraitures?

I have had different pets throughout my childhood, from rabbits to chickens, in fact I'm right now in the mist of getting a Polish Chicken! Being a fur-mom teaches me patience and not being afraid to get dirty. I have learnt to be more sensitive to the moods of the fur-kids I’m photographing, knowing when to give them a small-break when needed or time for them to explore the studio to set them at ease.

What photography tips does a mom have for other moms?

To have fun! Often, moms are nervous about their kids not smiling for the camera or being ‘all around the place’, but I say let kids be kids! We can sing songs, be silly, dance around the place and these often produce the most natural and candid shots. 

I tend not to ask for smiles, instead I always put on a goofy face, telling them ‘not to smile’, and these always results in big cheeky grins from the little kids. 

Snacks and tiny gifts (like stickers or balloons) go a long way in making friends and they are what I always offer during my sessions.

I also like explaining what Im doing to the little ones, e.g. “This is a huge flashlight Im setting up” or enlisting their ‘help’ like “Could you help me kiss your baby brother?”, this way they feel in control of the situation and needed. As such, they are a lot more happy to be photographed.

So there you have it - Here in White Room Studio, we have 2 mothers who understand intimately what is required to get that perfect mother-child shot. They care about children and really get them; and so they know exactly what is required to pull off that successful family or pet photography portraiture in our award-winning studio. If this is what you are looking for, contact us to find out more at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Wishing all mommies out there a great Mother's Day!

Tri 2

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Photographing a pet comes with an unique set of challenges and even professionals occasionally find themselves facing scenarios that really test the limits of their skills and gear; especially if the pet is extra-skittish or timid in nature.

How about Dogs? Well, almost everyone loves dogs and they are much easier to shoot compared to other pets. They are usually super friendly, resilient to most human contact, extra-enthusiastic and may work harder than most human models for that coveted treat.

What you seldom read about is the photography of other kinds of pets that tend to bolt at the slightest motion or sound, so the photographer sometimes has to balance many factors to ensure a smooth shoot. Think cats with lightning-fast reflexes or that furry rabbit which just cannot stay still.


 The good news is that our photographers at White Room Studio are no strangers to all kinds of pet photography and right here, they share their top tips on how to take great shots of that extra-skittish pet :

1) Before the shoot, let your furkids roam around the studio and get used to the environment. This puts them at ease, increasing the chances of them settling down for some great shots when the time comes.

2) Silence is a commodity, if you are shooting skittish animals like cats or sometimes rabbits. It is a known fact that nothing alarms them more than sudden loud noises. To keep your furkid in front of the lens, your best bet is to keep things as quiet as possible.

3) Pets who are sensitive to sudden loud noises are usually sensitive to sudden movements as well. Everyone involved in the shoot should take special care to avoid sudden movements which may spook that cat or rabbit.


4) Use more natural light as opposed to studio lights as some pets are better at ease under natural light, and may be more sensitive to studio lights than others. With abundant natural light, your fur-kids get the impression that they are in a more natural environment, and thus be more willing to stay still for a longer period of time.

5) Have a chat with the photographer and let him or her know the best timing to shoot your pets if necessary. As they say, every pet has their good or bad days. For a fun-filled, energetic photoshoot, avoid scheduling the shoot on days when they appear sickly or run-down. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more formal, sedate experience, schedule times when your pet has just woken up, or when they feel more lethargic.

6) A great way to get your furkids to relax is to let the photographer get down to their level. This means the photographer will usually adopt a sitting or lying position on the floor to meet the furkids at their eye level. This increases the chances of them looking straight at the camera.

7) Bring along some of your pet's favourite toy or its favourite pack of treats as a special incentive to encourage better reactions and behaviour.  However, use them prudently so they will not get tired of the novelty too fast. Gauge the pet's current mood and temperament first, and you will know when to bring out the big motivation.

8) (Strategically) Get their attention with sounds to perk their curiosity and interest just before that crucial shot, get their attention with. This usually will get the pets to stare momentarily at the camera. We do not mean loud impactful sounds for the timid fur-clients though (see point number 2). Simple squeaky toys, whistles and even some phone apps will do wonders if used properly.

9) Showcase their character. Some pets are playful, so ask the photographer to capture their active, spontaneous sides; sometimes in mid-motion. Some just want to sleep the day away, then take them lying in their most relaxed poses. Every pet has its own character,  the photographer will want to take shots of them in their most positive element.


Ultimately, patience is the best virtue to have if you want great pet shots. A pet at ease with its surroundings will not make you chase it around (too much). Give your pets time to get used to being around the photographer beforehand. Ensure you and your pets are are at your most relaxed states if you want great pictures taken.

Featured Shoot of the Month - Easter Special

As Easter is around the corner, we wish to share some pictures from an extra special pet shoot which happened at White Room Studio some time ago. 2 extremely adorable Netherland Dwarf rabbits - named Bunbun and Chocobunz, were brought in for a shoot, and our photographer got some amazing shots from them.


Some fun facts about rabbits:

- Their diet does not consist exclusively of carrots. Their staple food is actually grass. (So do not feed them only carrots)
- All rabbits are naturally toilet-trained. It is perfectly OK to allow them to roam around the house.
- Rabbits can live up the 12 years, so they make good long-term companions.

The whole family had a such a great time with us during the shoot, that our photographer caught Bunbun and Chocobunz doing some binkies (a sort of happy bunny dance) in between shots.

Many pets of various species have graced White Room Studio over the years with their perfect pet shots and overwhelming cuteness. White Room Studio happens to have large windows that ensure the studio is always awash with bright natural light that puts most pets at ease and this inevitably makes all clients look good in front of the camera.

Ever wanted to capture your fur-kids at their best on print or even frames and canvas; with their images professionally retouched in signature White Room Studio style?

Contact us today to find out more!

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WRS withDan


So you did your homework, spoke to your friends, and googled the internet. You have finally decided to have your photography portraiture taken at the award-winning White Room Studio in Singapore. So how do you go about it, and what happens during and after the shoot? Clients or clients-to-be have their own set of FAQs (frequently asked questions) on this topic and so we decided to compile them all and post a step-by-step guide for the entire process - right up to the day you collect your pictures. Read on!


Step 1: Choosing the right Portraiture Collection

A pre-shoot chat in person or over email and phone establishes our rapport with you, which also gives us a chance to get to know you and the styles of portraiture you seek. These are the portraiture collections available at White Room Studio, which you can choose from:

Family Portraiture
First Year/Cake Smash Portraiture
Graduation Portraiture
Maternity Portraiture
Newborn Portraiture
Pet Portraiture
Friendship Portraiture
Glamour/Personal Portraiture
Couple Portraiture
Pre-Wedding Portraiture
Corporate Portraiture (Standard or Artistic packages)


Newborn bts

We also do outdoor/residential or office shoots, so contact us to find out more and get a quote.

Professional hair & makeup (optional service) is available at $150/pax.

Call/email or text us to ask for more details. We will usually reply within 24 hours unless we are closed. You can reach us by:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 62357037
Mobile: 87550868


Step 2: Choosing the date

Naturally, the larger the group coming for the shoot, the more co-ordination is needed to ensure the entire group or family comes in for the shoot on time. Assign yourselves a Main Contact who will be the direct liaison with White Room Studio to arrange the date and time for the shoot and the subsequent viewing session.

White Room Studio's opening hours for shoots are from:
10am to 7pm from Monday to Friday
10am to 6pm on Sundays
Closed on Saturdays

If you can only come for Sunday/weekend shoots, we advise you to book at least 2 weeks in advance; or 4 weeks during peak/festive periods.


Step 3: Preparation before the shoot

It is vital for all participants of the shoot (both humans and pets) to have sufficient rest and food before the shoot.


best friend 7

For the shoot, do prepare 2-3 outfit changes (corporate shoots excluded). Here are some tried and tested suggestions:

Colour coordination for outfits is very important. Earthy, neutral or pastel colours work best. If you want to keep it simple, here are some tried and tested options:
1. white tops with khaki pants. Long-sleeve mandarin collar shirt is nice on guys, and ladies can be in nice white summery dresses.
2. black tops with denim jeans
3. some colours! muted colours are preferable. Eg lavender with light grey, pastel blue with soft browns.
4. Things to avoid! Polo shirts, checkered patterns, loud big logos and big floral patterns.



Ladies should have some makeup on, nothing too dramatic. Our style is about the interaction between subjects in a natural environment, thus use of props is minimal. However if there are some props you would like to play with, feel free to bring them along. Can be cute, can be personal and meaningful. Or just simply bring smiles!

White Room Studio can provide you with more preparation tips for different Collections. Just contact us to find out more!


Step 4: Day of the shoot

Directions to White Room Studio & Parking

White Room Studio is located at 219 River Valley Road, S238277,  along River Valley Road, right beside UE Square Residences.

From Fort Canning MRT Station

Please exit from Exit A, and walk along River Valley Road away from Liang Court, and towards UE Square’s direction. You will see a shophouse after the bus stop outside UE Square.

We are in a corner shophouse unit. You can park at UE Square Residences, and come out from the carpark entrance (don't take the lift lobby as that'll bring you to UE Square Mall). The entrance to the studio is along the small lane just outside of the carpark entrance.  Entrance to the car park is located behind the security guardhouse.

The entrance to the studio is along the small lane just outside of the carpark entrance. The staircase leading up to the studio is beside the coffeeshop's drinks stall. Our studio is located at level 2.


WRS Exterior

(above) A picture of our exterior for your reference.

If you have opted for a Professional hair and make up session, you will need to arrive at the studio an hour before the shoot.  

The duration for most shoots is about 1.5 hours (2 hours for Newborn shoots - because the little ones need more attention) and there will be a dressing room and garment steamer available for your usage, along with comfortable couches to relax in before the shoot.

Have a chat with the photographer before the shoot to exchange ideas on how the shoot will proceed. During the shoot, he/she will take a collection of 50-70 photographs, photographing you and your family at their best in our award winning studio.


Step  5: The Viewing Session


WhiteRoomStudio 018


The last thing we want to do is to get clients who are physically and mentally exhausted from a long photography session to spend even more time staying back to choose their pictures. This situation is further exacerbated if there are restless children, babies or furkids on hand. Instead, we will organise a viewing session with you at a later date (usually within 1 week after the shoot), and you will be invited to enjoy the photographs in the comfort of our viewing gallery - Third Room Gallery.  We will facilitate the process of choosing the best photographs to adorn the walls and shelves of your home, and our expert eyes in seeking heart-warming sequences will give you invaluable insight into the best ways to present your photographs. All you have to do is to make sure the key decision makers are present for this session.

This is the stage where you can make the decision to purchase extra pictures, displays or soft copies, depending on how many pictures you pick from the collection.


WhiteRoomStudio 015

Displays and products available for purchase from White Room Studio to adorn your home include:

Photographic prints
Wall Art Canvas
Conservation Frames
Table Art Acrylic blocks
Stone Art blocks
Wood Art blocks
Metal Wall displays
Individually retouched soft copies in signature White Room Studio styles
Coffee Table Books


Step 6: Collection

You will be in touch with your respective retoucher/photographer every step of the way as your orders are processed, and once they are ready, White Room Studio will contact you to drop by and pick them up.



We hope the above information is useful to you, and we look foward to see you soon for your next shoot!

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Family bts

Has anyone seen a picture of history's most photographed generation?  The answer to this question may be a resounding NO if it is asked in a distant future, 10 to 20 years from now.

Why not? You may ask.

After all, today's generation is indeed the most photographed generation ever. Armed with a plethora of smart, digital devices from phones or tablets to computers easily becoming more available to everyone than before, more than 52 million shots are uploaded on Instagram globally every day and 350 million more to Facebook. It is estimated that about 1.2 trillion pictures are taken by humans with smartphones in a year; many which are shared on social media, but many more which will simply be forgotten. Some will make it onto your digital devices to be liked, or swiped left and right, but very few will make it into the form of a physical print.

Right here in our backyard, about 91% of Singaporeans (that is 5.3 million!) are smartphone users and of this number, roughly 55% use their devices to take pictures or videos. This can easily translate to hundreds of millions of pictures of our friends and family floating around on a cloud server somewhere. With the pervasiveness of social media and ease of sharing photos online, people are finding it less of a need to print out their photos. Indeed, businesses like photo-printing shops are getting harder to find, and people younger than 30 years of age almost never own a physical photo album anymore.

So will this mean that physical prints on paper, acrylic, canvas, wood or metal will be lost and forgotten in a few years' time? After all, there are a host of reasons why people are opting to go digital – like low cost, being easily editable, easily replicable and accessible with any internet device.

Not really.

Physical prints may still be relevant today, despite the obvious arguments for digital prints. Read on, if you are curious to find out how physical prints are still the best way to go to preserve those precious memories.

GRA Canvas

1) Digital Images are easily “misplaced” - According to a survey by Samsung, 34% of respondents say they lack the time or knowledge to download and store a digital photograph. This means of the nearly 1 trillion pictures taken with a smartphone, a staggering third of these Digital images will end up inaccessible or lost in the great internet cloud due to technical obstacles like forgotten passwords or obsolete hard drives.

2) Digital and Printed media can complement each other's strengths and weaknesses due to certain technological advancements.  While the strength of Digital media lies in its multimedia versatility, low cost and wide audience reach, prints are proven to enjoy higher levels of engagement and brand recognition due to its tangibility.

In other words,  Digital images can be edited before printing, in the right hands, to produce prints of superior image and color quality. Digital images are also useful for communication purposes especially in photography studios. However, it cannot be denied that the touch & feel of a framed picture or canvas brings a different level of satisfaction to the beholder.

3) A Professional photographer cares about selling you a full service and not just a DIY experience. They are usually dedicated artisans who go through a complete process of ensuring your pictures look as perfect as humanly possible from the actual shoot, to delivering a finished product.  They are serious about using their best photography, editing and printing equipments to deliver these final products to you because the photos you put on display in your home should reflect the character and beauty of your family and be captured in the best manner possible – being reproduced on fine quality professional photo paper or canvas.

On the other hand, if they only sell you the digital images, the process stops there. The final product is no longer properly managed by the photographer so it is likely editing will not be done with a properly calibrated monitor with proper software, and a professional lab will not be used to physically print the images on the right material. This usually results in completely lackluster photos which do not reflect the money spent and painstaking effort taken to shoot them in the first place.

4) Storage of Digital Images may not be as safe as you think. Printing is still an important medium for archiving your images. That photo-album on your table stand and that Wall-Art Canvas on your wall will still be there, while the way a computer reads or stores an image can change once every few years. Has anyone from this generation even seen computer with a floppy disc drive before?  Optical discs like DVDs are almost a thing of the past, and the USB storage drive has gone through several generations already.

There is a chance that the computer of tomorrow will not be able to read the digital images you take today – unless you constantly upgrade your digital archives. Cloud services may be a solution, but there are no guarantees that the companies hosting them will be around forever.

On the other hand, an archival print framed or on canvas can last for nearly 100 years if store properly and is a very good form of redundancy.

5) Digital images contain embedded information which can be leaked or hacked. Privacy can be an issue when digital images embedded with information of the location and date which it was taken are posted on social media. Digital images can be remotely hacked from even the largest social media company in the market by a person with the right skillsets as well.

6) Due to the potentially sheer number of digital images taken, companies or even some families might experience soaring monetary and time costs incurred in storing, managing and securing (from leaks and hacking of) millions of digital images as compared to the management of archival prints.


Here at White Room Studio, we arrange a viewing session after each shoot for our clients to facilitate the process of choosing the best photographs to adorn the walls and shelves of their homes. We offer various options in physical print that clients can choose from to showcase their preserved memories in their homes - especially handy during festive seasons like the approaching Lunar New Year.

White Room Studio is the full service stop for all your portraiture needs and offers the following physical prints for your archival needs:

Wall Art Canvas.
Metal Wall Displays
Conservation Frames
Photographic Prints
Stone Art Blocks
Table (Acrylic) Art Blocks
Coffee Table Books (Photo-albums)

Contact us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to find out more!


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Its going to be that time of the year again, when families break out their christmas trees and lights, avidly search the internet for Christmas gift ideas for their close relatives, and fuss about that impending Christmas dinner or party.

People of various religions and cultures commemorate this festival in many ways - school is out, work-leaves are taken and relatives fly in from abroad only once a year to catch up with family and friends. Naturally some will feel the need to capture these precious moments with the help of professional portraiture photography and this is where we come in.

Through the years, our photographers have used  many simple, natural ideas to introduce a different twist to the usual family Christmas portraits taken in our studio. Here are several quirky, easy DIY photography tips which a family can bring to the photo shoot, making their studio shoot so much more memorable.



1. The Classic Combination :

White + Red + Green

A Family can prepare up to 3 outfit changes for a family shoot, and we encourage pastel color co-ordination which makes the pictures much more natural. For the festivities, try the classic yuletide colors, which are naturally vibrant and pleasing to the eye (and to the camera lens).

It is not necessary that these colors are in the clothes. The green can be a spruce in the studio, or the red a festive prop just beside the Christmas tree. If executed properly, this classic color co-ordination never fails to bring across the festive cheer in any picture.

2. Presenting Gifts

The opening of gifts can be that Christmas moment enacted during a photo-shoot. These moments will most likely be filled with an array of emotions, facial expressions and excitement – especially if you’ve got kids around; bringing about some excellent and unforgettable shots.
Capture young people or children at that time when they give each other gifts and open them. Their emotions of anticipation, excitement, joy, delight (and sometimes even disappointment) are priceless gems for the photographer and these pictures will be a joy to view even years later.

3. Using Christmas props

Children playing with lights or toys are usually the most popular ideas during a photo-shoot because the resulting excitement and delight of the child's emotions usually lead to beautiful and easy photos.





The more unexpected the pose and the emotion of the child can be, the better.

The child or baby can sit on a chair, lie on his back or stomach, hide behind a Christmas tree or boxes, throw in the snow artificial snow or silver tinsel, hug a big plush toy, etc.

As Christmas photography ideas, you can also use soft gift boxes, a sleigh with a blanket or a basket where you can put sleeping babies or put older children. Just make sure that your main concerns of safety and absence of a bright flash are addressed.

4. Kisses

There is nothing nicer or more sincere in a Christmas shoot than delicate sweet kisses against the background of the Christmas tree, snow or wreaths.






Candy Cane Kisses

This is one particular shot which is popular among our photographers:

For newly engaged or married couples, there’s nothing more festive than a snog with candy canes and mistletoe and this shot is easy to organize and implement:  get two pieces on candy cane together and pose with your beloved for sweet kissing shot.

5. Slow dancing under the mistletoe

Dancing together on the background of flashing lights and the Christmas tree. What can be more beautiful?

6. Cheers for the festivities

Another easy-to-implement shot : Invite the family to take full glasses of champagne and raise them up, proclaiming a toast for the festivities. Don't forget to put on your Santa's caps for full effect.

7. That Magic Ball

A round glass ball gives a very funny reflection, like a crooked mirror. Arrange a few shots to be taken through or off the ball. You can goof around with some funny faces, adding more merriment to your photo-shoot.

8. Masquerade, painted faces on parade

There are few things which are more thematic than a Christmas shoot. For best results, everyone should be in suits and masks.
It will be interesting to capture such mysterious, yet festive photos as group or single shots.

9. Tangle in Christmas Lights

Want something easy and just as effective? Wrap yourself, the kids (or even the pet!) in a couple of fairy lights and see them dazzle for the shoot. Fairy lights always make for a great photoshoot, and they require minimal organizing or planning.


Try to use battery-powered Xmas lights if you go with this idea, through. (Safety first!).

Our year-end festive photo studio sessions are running out fast, so call us quickly if you are planning for a holiday portrait shoot with one of Singapore's best, award winning photography studio this year. To find out more about what White Room Studio can offer, contact us at:
Phone: +65 6235703
Mobile: 87750868


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Monday, April 15, 2019


A Mother's Love

A little boy came up to his mother in the kitchen one evening while she was fixing supper, and handed her a piece of paper that he had been writing on. After his Mom dried her hands on an apron, she read it, and this is what it said:

For cutting the grass: $5.00

For cleaning up my room this week: $1.00

For going to the store for you: $.50

Baby-sitting my kid brother while you went shopping: $.25

Taking out the garbage: $1.00

For getting a good report card: $5.00

For cleaning up and raking the yard: $2.00

Total owed: $14.75

Well, his mother looked at him standing there, and the boy could see the memories flashing through her mind. She picked up the pen, turned over the paper he’d written on, and this is what she wrote:

For the nine months I carried you while you were growing inside me: No Charge

For all the nights that I’ve sat up with you, doctored and prayed for you: No Charge

For all the trying times, and all the tears that you’ve caused through the years: No Charge

For all the nights that were filled with dread, and for the worries I knew were ahead: No Charge

For the toys, food, clothes, and even wiping your nose: No Charge

Son, when you add it up, the cost of my love is: No Charge.

When the boy finished reading what his mother had written, there were big tears in his eyes, and he looked straight at his mother and said, "Mom, I sure do love you." And then he took the pen and in great big letters he wrote: “PAID IN FULL

The story above shows in essence, the depth of love that a mother has for her child. That is why we should always honor this most important person in our lives every chance we get. Mother-love is the great, surging, divine current that plays forever through humanity. Mothers never retire; no matter how old her children are she is always a Mom, always willing to encourage and help her children in any way she can. Mothers profoundly influence our perceptions about ourselves, our lives, and our significant relationships, and a mother's happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.

Here at White Room Studio, we go the extra mile to ensure we capture facets of this special bond in every shoot. Over the years, we have taken many shots of mothers and their children in special moments of tenderness. These extra-precious moments can be captured in prints, soft copies, frames, canvas and even in our popular photo albums for the family to keep with them for many years to come.

Below are some of the amazing shots we have captured.

GOPR2636 edited

Right here in White Room Studio, Elaine, who’s a proud mum of a 7-year-old girl, shares their precious moments doing what they love best - exploring the underwater world!

You too can capture amazing, memorable mother-child pictures in the Newborn, Maternity, Family or even Graduation portrait collections right here at White Room Studio.

To find out more about what we can offer, call or email us today at: (Phone) +65 62357037 or (email address) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Meanwhile, have a look on our website and facebook page. :)

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It's Graduation Season, and our phones have been ringing off the hook with bookings of our graduation studio packages. But it might interest some to know more about the origins of the gown, the mortarboard cap and the actual tradition itself and what they symbolise.

Similar to getting married, the graduation ceremony has three ritualistic steps. First, walking into the ceremony is a separation of society. Second, is inculcation to transformation and lastly returning to society with a new status.

So, why do we wear a cap and gown while completing these milestones?

As the church was highly influential during the 12th and 13th centuries, many professors were priests, monks or clerics and their students were usually studying to do something similar. Historians believe scholars wore cleric robes and hoods to keep warm in unheated buildings. The significance of the hood dates back to Celtic Groups and Druid priests who wore capes with hoods that symbolised higher intelligence and superiority.

Oxford and Cambridge were the first recognised institutions that made graduation attire official and required everyone to wear long gowns during ceremonies for the sake of unity. Typically grey before the 1950s, different colours for graduation gowns were gradually adopted by students to represent their schools as colour photos became more affordable over the decades.

The graduation hat has changed throughout the centuries and with many variations.

The most prevalent style is the mortarboard cap which pairs with standard graduation gowns and is believed to have been developed in the 5th century evolving from hats known as birettas used by Catholic clerics, scholars, and professors as far back as 1311 in churches. It is named after the flat board used by bricklayers.


In conclusion, the general look of academic regalia seems timeless in the past few centuries and will always remain an important part of one’s academic experience.

It’s pretty special to be a Class of 2018 Graduate! Let White Room Studio commemorate your personal milestone with a Graduation Portrait that you and your family can treasure always! We stand apart and above  all others to bring to you graduation shoots with that special difference.

To find out more about what White Room Studio can offer, call or email us today at: (Phone) +65 62357037  or (email address) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Meanwhile, have a look on our website and facebook page. :)

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Monday, January 07, 2019




A mother is a child's greatest teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. All that one can be, or hope to be, they owe it to their mothers. It is true that love begins and ends in motherhood; and in this blog, we at White Room Studio take this opportunity to honor the most revered of professions.

The 13th of May is dedicated to all the mothers out there in Singapore – be they mothers of diverse ages, races, religions, professions or passions. They come from all paths;  professional career moms, stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms, single moms, new moms and more. And they dedicate themselves every single day to be the rock, the confidant, the teacher and the anchor to their children, and love itself is the priceless currency that is their reward.

A babe feeds on a mothers bosom at first, but feeds on her heart for life. Only in a mother's arms will any child find the tenderness which they can sleep soundly in.

We hope that all the mothers out there will have a good one on the 13th of May!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you superheroes out there!

Set in a heritage-site B&W shophouse, White Room Studio is an award-winning Fine Art photography boutique studio which specializes in Family, Maternity and Newborn shoots. Natural light is mostly used to capture those heart-warming personal moments, and maximum privacy is provided to ensure you feel totally relaxed. Visit us at http://whiteroomstudio.com.sg/ to find out more!

Check out our facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/whiteroomstudio as well!


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There are a number of questions which our White Room Studio professionals are frequently asked on a daily basis. These range from questions like what to wear, to the best time of the day for that perfect shot; and are usually advice which our photographers should readily provide as a testament to their professional credibility.

This blog post addresses the most common questions asked by clients here in White Room Studio, and we hope you find them informative and useful for your preparation and planning of future photo-shoots with us. Our veteran photographers (Elaine and Dan) couldn't resist contributing some some snippets as well and we hope you will find them entertaining.


What are your photographer's educational and professional background?

Elaine studied Commercial Photography in RMIT, Australia. Since 2002, she has been a finalist of the Nikon Award at the Australian Centre of Photography, NSW; and received awards from the Black and White Magazine from the United States as well as the AIPP (Australia Institute of Professional Photography).

She has worked with major photographic galleries and studios in Sydney for nearly 6 years before coming back to Singapore to found White Room Studio.

Dan studied photography in NAFA Singapore, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He started his own studio in 2007 and is recognized in multiple photography magazines as an authority in his field. He has taught art and sculpture through the Singapore Arts Community and is actively involved in the local arts scene.


What makes you want to be a photographer?

Elaine: I bought a Film SLR camera in 2000 to go backpacking in Japan during the Sydney Olympic school holidays. Since then, I became obsessed with photography! Setting up White Room Studio with my brother Dan Yeo is a dream come true. Working in photography which is my passion drives me to give 100% of myself into creating beautiful photos for my clients. I love pets and children, I love celebration, and most importantly, I love knowing that I've made a beautiful moment in someone's life, timeless in the form of imagery.


What is your favorite kind of photography session right now?

Elaine: I love newborn shoots. As a mother, nothing feels better than capturing that perfect moment between mommies and their bundles of joy.

Dan: I love all kinds of shoots Every shoot has its moment of perfection which is waiting for me to capture it.



What brand do you favor for your go-to camera? And why?

Elaine: Right now, Sony! Specifically the Alpha 7iii. It has the best sensor in the market now!

Dan: We have Nikon, Canon and Sony professional systems in the studio. Each brand has its own advantages over the others and the best camera system is chosen for each shoot.


How do I find your studio?

Our Address: 219 River Valley Road . Level 2, Singapore 238277

We are located on the 2nd floor corner shophouse next to UE Square, 5 minutes from Fort Canning MRT station, and buses 32, 54 and 195 drops you off at the doorstep. There's an underground car park right next to us, (and many nice local pubs & restaurants). so we're really easy to get to.

Still having difficulty finding us? Call us at 62357037

Our opening hours:

10am to 7pm Mondays to Fridays

10am to 6.30am on Sundays


What are the tricks or tactics you employ to engage with energetic kids during a shoot?

Dan: We utilize a plethora of tricks to engage with your kids. Four methods have proven to be particularly useful:

Singing some songs has had great effect to draw the attention of more active children. At times, our photographers ended the day with hoarse vocal chords just to get that great family shots.

Actively engaging these children works wonders as well. Speaking, joking and laughing with them has enabled our photographers to get the children more participative in their shoots.

There is something about soap bubbles floating around the family that draws the attention of the most energetic of children. They are captivated by them and often try to catch them, producing the signature shots which White Room Studio is known for.

There are props used by the photographers; from child-friendly wooden cars to wooden rocking horses to keep the children in one place for that perfect shot. Sometimes, families are encouraged to bring their own props – items which their children always play with, to enhance that feeling of familiarity during the shoot.

Lange 043


What should clients prepare before a shoot?

Dan: Make sure everyone is well-rested, well-fed and relaxed. Ample time should be allowed to get ready for the shoot, and some outfit co-ordination is welcome.

Our style is about the interaction between subjects in a natural environment, thus use of props is minimal. However if there are some props you would like to play with feel free to bring them along. Can be cute, can be personal and meaningful. Or just bring smiles!


Should I engage professional makeup artist?

Elaine: Your usual daily make-up might not suffice for a professional photo session. As such, it is advisable to engage a make-up artist to prepare you for the shoot.

Top reasons why using a make-up artist is recommended include:

- Less stress on your preparations before the shoot

- The make-up artists know best how to present your best look for a professional photo-shoot

- They use higher quality of make-up

- you will feel more confident and authentic during the shoot.

- you look more polished and professional during the shoot. 

White Room Studio will help you engage a professional make-up artist as an optional add on to your photography package. Come speak with us to find out more!

What is the best timing for a photoshoot at White Room Studio?

Dan: Overlooking Fort Canning Park, the studio gives the look and feel of being outdoors with an abundance of warm natural light and different creative corners for an intimate, cosy portrait session. The natural light on bright sunny mornings and afternoons (10am to 5pm) streaming through the studio's big windows will therefore be the best timing for a shoot in our studio. Weather with clear skies naturally will be highly desired as well.

 Aqil 010


Can I bring my pets for a shoot at White Room Studio?

Elaine: Absolutely! In fact, we strongly encourage you to. White Room Studio is one of the more well-known local studios for pet photography. We have families bringing in their family dog or cat for their shoots on a weekly basis. Dan, our Director of Photography has even been featured in Pet Magazine for his work on pet photography and his team has countless ideas to bring out the best in your pet!


How good are you with kids?

Elaine: Dan had a harp and drums ready to get the kids to warm up. Once they did, they had fun playing hide and seek around the billowing curtains and gave Dan opportunities for natural-looking shots. He made funny faces and let the kids look at their photos in his camera. He had the kids crawling on the floor, and even got down on his tummy to take the shots. The kids enjoyed themselves in the 90-minute session.

Dan: There were lots to choose from – single and group shots, colour, black and white, and sepia. There were pictures of the kids in front of the curtains, crawling on the floor, sitting on the sofa, playing with the musical instruments. I took advantage of the daylight that streamed into the studio to take some great shots.

Elaine: A client gave some feedback that Dan captured the kids’ natural playful expressions well and used the daylight to his advantage for some good shots. It’s nice that he blurred the background to make some photos more interesting and to let the focus be on the kids’ expressions. In short, we are very good with kids with the experience to back up that claim.

Giselle 133


What about teenagers who hate to be photographed?

Dan: We talk to them about what’s cool and what’s the latest, and a lot of the time, the teens end up seeing their photographers as someone who’s pretty cool! Laughing and joking with them, etc


How do you manage the elders (grandparents) who are not used to being photographed and may not understand what the photographer wants?

Elaine: They love being told how good, happy, funny, loving they look!! So many clients would tell us after their family shoot that they’ve never seen their parents or grandparents smile so happily for the camera, let alone kiss each other! Getting the elderly couple to settle into a hug always brings so much laughter to everyone and the entire studio literally light up with delight.

What makes graduation portraits from White Room Studio different from other studios?

Elaine: Say bye-bye to stuffy fake library backdrops and stuffy stiff poses! White Room Studio gives you a fun-filled natural experience in our natural light studio with your family and a fine art Graduation portrait to keep for years.

FaceBook grad II

Do you shoot for pre-weddings?

Elaine: Yes! We simply love photographing the chemistry between couples; the love expressed in their eyes and laughter, the tenderness expressed in their hugs and kisses. We have couples coming in all year round to capture their relationship or celebrate their happy days, like their engagement days. Our creative direction has given rise to many epic poses which inspired couples to use them for their subsequent wedding portraitures. (And yes, they come back to take those with us as well!)

Professional Hair and Make-up service is available before the shoot as well. Just give us a call in advance to arrange it!



How about corporate shoots? Do you do them as well?

Dan: White Room studio has been active in Singapore's photography scene for more than 9 years. Through this time, the studio has garnered numerous high profile corporate clients including: Chanel Singapore, Christian Dior Pte Ltd, HP Singapore, Dell Singapore, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, National Library of Singapore, Singapore Ministry of Law, American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), Merril Lynch Global Services and more.

Our corporate packages range from basic professional headshots for corporate profiles; to more artistic sessions for the discerning CEO and industry artists like chefs, life coachers etc.


What is the viewing session for?

Elaine: A viewing session will be organised after the shoot. This usually lasts about an hour, when you are invited to enjoy the photographs in the comfort of our viewing gallery, Third Room.

We will facilitate the process of choosing the best photographs to adorn the walls and shelves of your home, and our expert eyes in seeking heart-warming sequences will give invaluable insight into the best ways to present your photographs.

During these sessions you may choose from our range of frames, canvas and photo-albums to complement your selections.

WRS ext2


Will my photographs be retouched?

Dan: Yes, your selected photos according to our packages will be beautifully retouched! There's a broad spectrum when it comes to retouching! The style we prefer is natural and soft, however just let us know if you have specific ideas on retouching and our professional skills in professional retouching will best out the best in you.


Why should I go with White Room Studio for all my shoots?

The more pertinent question is: why not?

There is no other studio in Singapore like White Room Studio!

White Room Studio is situated in a Peranakan shophouse full of nostalgic character thus giving a wide range of warmth, natural lighting and atmosphere to explore. Our professional photographers are trained to capture real and emotional moments with their cameras. Their skills bring together a unique fine art quality to their portraiture work, giving you a photographic experience like no other.

WRS ext1


Additionally, our accolades speak for themselves:


best of singapore award 2017 AND 2018 - best portrait photographer


readers award 2016 & 2017 - recommended family studio in singapore


best of the best - family & kids photography studio in singapore


editor’s pick - best kids portrait photographer in singapore


reader awards 2015 - recommended family studio in singapore




family photographer - best for realistic and natural kids portraiture


top 10 singapore photographer.


To find out more about what White Room Studio can offer, call or email us today at:

Phone: +65 62357037 

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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White Room Studio has been known to take stunning pet pawtraits for many families in Singapore. It is no surprise that of these, dogs are the most common of pets brought into our studio – be it a solo pawsome pawtrait or as part of a jolly family.

We understand that dogs can be a very special member of the family, and often capture that special place in our hearts as we grow attached to them over time. Sadly they cannot be with us furever, and that is why the professionals here in White Room Studio spare no effort in making every photoshoot with that special pooch perfect and extra-special.

Be it a large family welcoming the pawsperous Chinese Year of the Dog in 2018 alongside their dog for pawsterity, or just an intimate shoot with that furry extension of your loving family, White Room Studio has you covered with the following tricks and tips for getting terruffic shots with your pooch.


1. Scheduling the right time for the shoot

As they say, every dog has its (good and bad) days. Avoid scheduling the shoot on days when they appear to be sic or look like they had a ruff day, if you are looking for an energetic, action-filled session. On the other hand, if you are looking for a formal, sedate pawtrait, schedule times when the dog has just woken up, or feels rather sleepy.

2. Patience is not only a virtue, it prevents unnecessary cardio

A relaxed dog will not make you chase it around (too much). Take a paws and give the dog(s) time to get used to being around the photographer beforehand. A more relaxed pooch will not give the photographer too a ruff time during the shoot. Sometimes, the owner may even be more nervous than the dog, and a patient photographer will have to calm all parties down before the shoot.

3. Dog reconnaissance is necessary

Let the pooch or pooches scamper and sniff around in their usual fashion of exploring and getting used to their new surroundings. At the very leashed, the familiarity helps them relax a little more.

4. Taking their picture, dog to dog.

A way to get the dog(s) to relax is to get down to their level. This entails a sitting or lying pawsition on the floor to meet them at their eye level. This will pawsibly get them to look at you (your camera) more as well.

5. Assistance on aisle 3 stat!

While that spontaneous, fetching shot is great to hope for, sometimes a shoot requires more predictable outcomes. Training aside, some pooches simply will not follow directions, pawsibly driving the photographer through the roof. You may then need an assistant (could be the owner, could be someone else) to help in your “direction”.


6. Have the dog's best friends on standby

Ask the owner to bring the dog's favourite toy or its favourite pack of treats as a special incentive or inducement to encourage better reactions and behaviour. Even if most dogs are trained to various degrees as a bonus, it is pawsible that the pooch still has a mind of its own and its opinions of the shoot may differ from that of the photographer's. However, try to use these as a last resort. Gauge the dog's cur-rent mood and temperament first, and you will know when to bring out the “big guns” for motivation.

 best friend 7

7. Get their attention with sounds

There are times of utter melon-collie as well that treats and toys doggedly will not work. This is when it might be woof it to get its attention with a squeaky toy (squeezed by your assistant mentioned in tip number 5 behind you). Even then, things might get unpredictable as the pooch might suddenly jump towards the sound, ruining your shot. But at most times, you will get a surprised look from it, while staring straight at your camera.

To avoid barking up the wrong tree, you may want to test a few options; from downloading certain apps that make peculiar sounds, practicing your best dog-bark, to simply whistling. Do not start off with a loud volume though, as it may scare the pooch off instead, resulting in a dog-gone situation.

 char 8

8. Showcase their character

Some pooches are playful, so a photographer may capture their active, spontaneous sides; sometimes in mid-motion. Some just want to sleep the day away, then take them lying in their most relaxed poses. Every dog has its own character, and pawtraying them in their most pawsitive element goes a long way in creating great shots.

In conclusion, there is no need to be dogmatic about how you take dog pawtraits. At times you just need to think out of the box and be pawsitive on how you can get that great shot.

Interested to capture great shots with your pet in an unique studio concept, under Perfect Natural Lighting by Professional Photographers? Call us at 82357037 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now to know more!

 patience 2

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Chinese families gather together for a reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, and clean their houses to sweep away bad fortune on New Year's Day. Kids would be given red envelopes stuffed with 'lucky money' and positive wishes as well.

During this season, getting the family together for a photo-taking session is also popular. However, organising the whole family for a formal family studio portrait for the Chinese Lunar New Year presents a whole new level of challenges – not only for the family, but also for the photographer.

These are the top 8 tips brought to you by our experienced White Room Studio Team to help families prepare for a CNY studio shoot:


1. Outfit coordination



Be it the Chinese Lunar New Year, or Halloween, this is the best opportunity for Mommy and Sis to coordinate matching outfits for the family in preparation for the shoot. During this season, you will want to match bright festive colours to showcase the fun and spunky side of your your family. For a modern and sassy twist, you may also consider adding matching accessories like scarves, hats or headbands.


2. Natural Lighting, Natural Look



When selecting a studio, most clients appreciate one which has plenty of natural light. Natural light is constant, free and everywhere. Time is not wasted setting up artificial lights in the studio. The best time for lighting is the two hours before sunset and after sunrise, but good photographers will be able to shoot at any time of day by using areas of open shade that will give your skin a beautiful hue and put a sparkle in your eyes.


3. Make Them Smile, Not Tell Them to Smile



Children especially, should be smiling in reaction to a fun and happy atmosphere instead of being told to smile at the camera in the usual “Say Cheese” fashion. Daddys here play a big role here as we know most fathers dread photo-taking sessions, and their facial expressions sometimes show it. Daddys, open up and have fun with your family. Let the photographer naturally interact with your children and this will bring forth natural smiles. Parents can also take an active role in helping to coax out those sunny smiles, instead of instructing them to simply grin at the camera.


4. A Hungry and Tired Family is an Angry Family


Do not show up to a photoshoot with an empty stomach. We have had clients scheduling their dinner at the end of the shoot and you can sometimes see it in their expressions during the shoot. If need be, prepare some snacks for your family members to deal with those hunger pangs. Scheduling the shoot near your child's nap time is also something to avoid. The whole family should get enough rest before the should so they can bring the necessary level of energy to the shoot, making it fun and memorable.


5. Leave plenty of time to get ready



A family turns up to a family shoot rushed and disorganised, and the tone set for the shoot will be equally rushed and disorganised. Plenty of time should be left for showers, bath, dressing and grooming before the shoot. Professional hair and make-up are highly recommended for mothers and sisters, so they have more luxury time to make sure the family ready. They will also feel more relaxed and confident, and this is reflected on the rest of the family, ultimately producing better shots.


6. Bring your own props


Some families have their favourite festive props at home. Bring them to the studio, if they are able to accommodate it. Your family has that emotional tie to your favourite CNY table lamp, chair, or even mahjong table, and when posing with these props, more natural poses and smiles will be there for the photographer to capture.


7. Bring your favourite activity



Why stop at props? During CNY, some families look their best while carrying out their favourite activity; be it laughing, singing, playing card or board games, enjoying a favourite snack, drinking tea, or even baking pastries. Speak with your photographer and see how far the studio is able to accommodate a family activity which will get the family engaged in doing something they love together. In this way, there will be more opportunities for the photographer to take beautiful and authentic photographs.


8. Have FUN with your family




Laugh, Play, Joke, Kiss, Snuggle, Tickle, Hug and more – these are the key ingredients to a happy and fun shoot. It is a must for the family to bring this along to the shoot, so the photographer will be able to capture your family at its emotional best. Prepare to pick up your children, play with your baby, tease your siblings, kiss your wife. Bottom line, a family having fun is one which is relaxed and happy, and relaxed and happy a CNY family shoot should be, for the best results.

Interested to know more? Call us at 82357037 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now!


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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Christopher 21

One of the most cheery babies came in for his first photoshoot! Baby Christopher's cute little smile won our hearts over and we couldn't resist gushing over him. Putting baby Christopher down onto our brown weaved basket, he looked towards Melody in curiosity. Soon, she realized that Baby Christopher kept reaching out towards his daddy and she took this chance to try something not many babies will do.

She told Ivo to put his hand hovering over Baby Christopher and just in time, Baby Christopher grabbed onto his last finger.

Ivo picked him up and with some directions on holding Baby Christopher and still, he smiled willingly at Melody. Cute little young guy huh? With Ivo's & Susie's wedding rings on Baby Christopher's tiny feet, Melody snapped a wonderful priceless photo of it! That's a keeper!

And now some photos of Mummy with Baby Christopher. Susie hugged him, and with the help of setting Baby Christopher's hand up, thats a cute picture! Melody called out to Baby Christopher, once getting his attention, got a really nice expression from him.

Oh such a delight Baby Christopher is! His smile melt our hearts and caught really wonderful pictures of him.

Needless to say Ivo, Susie and Baby Christopher were one of the cheery newborn shoots we ever had.

Christopher 16
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We heard voices filled with laughter before the doorbell sounds. It was great to meet up with old clients who we kept in contact with. Susan brought her two girls over for a fun shoot. Meet Danielle & Desiree.

Desiree brought her special someone along too! Joast.

They wants some fun and glamour shots together. Ladies up first!

With some help of the posing, Dan captured some really natural shots of them, laughing and joking away.

Susan 41

We also had some close shots between Desiree & Joast. It looks really easy and fun but some of the poses requires some balancing! Desiree show no signs of struggling though! Instead, they joked about it.

Being friends with each other helps make everyone more comfortable and at ease without having to worry about how they might look, or whether they need to do their hair.

Even for the glamour shots were quite simple but striking all together. Best still, they weren't afraid to try out different expressions and poses. It was a laughter-filled photoshoot, and we couldn't help but join in on some of jokes!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Tax 58

We haven't had a German Shepherd came in for quite awhile now and when Zee & George brought Tax in, we were amazed with how tamed and collected he is. Such a lovable dog! Dan, being quite the dog lover, went right away to greet him!

After capturing some up close pictures of Tax, Dan wanted to photograph the youg couple as well. We could tell that they were already in love, but with some guidance like, holding of the hand, the slight smiling and shoulders touching, it enhances the emotions within a glance.

Tax, being the affectionate one, he went on top and cuddle up with them. It bought laughter all around. Right after some pictures with them, he went up towards Elaine & Melody to receive more love and affection.

Zee was simply natural around the camera. With a small nudge, and some guidance from Elaine, she pulled off a pose with ease. Together with George, they were charming and really easy-going throughout the shoot.

Oh, we forgot to mention, Tax is a retired police K9 dog too! So not only was he well tamed and trained, he was also alert and at ease. Zee & George adopted him and showered him with endearment.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Revheim 188

This is our second photography session with the Revheim family. The most beautiful children they have! This time round, we ventured into the great outdoors at a park. As we walked up the hill, we had some fun candid shots of their two young kids, Tuva & Ola. They love the camera! And indulged in the attention! Dan, being the natural, played with them, making them laugh while snapping shots along the way.

While the kids were exploring the park, Melody's attention went to Baby Vetle. Oblivious to the camera, Melody manage to snap shots and move around for more angles. The daylight was perfect for baby Vetle. Not too harsh and not too soft either.

Exploring more, Tuva & Ola went up climbing the trees and playing around. Taking this opportunity, Dan quickly went over, making weird funny faces getting the kids to laugh and smile.

As the sun dropped, Elaine took this chance to use the flare, having the family sit and play on the bench near by. The outcome from the angle, and the flare was perfect.

One of the most fun and enjoyable outdoor shoots we ever had with a family. Especially with playful and adorable kids.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

We have seen madly in love couples, cute looking couple, fun couples and happy couples. But what we haven't had for awhile was a funny kind of couple. Jean knew what to say and when to say things to make Rachel laugh. She glows not only because their baby is coming, but because of the way her hubby makes her laugh.

Needless to say, they were a natural at smiling and playing around. Elaine & Rachel clicked really well and came in with all the jokes too, making the air light and cheery.

Rachel Jean 03

When its time for the semi nude shots, Rachel wasn't one to shy away. Even with two cameras, the air was still light with our playfulness. Tilting up the chin, slightly adjusting the hair and some posing guidance, there we have a sweet maternity photo!

Jean couldn't help but bring amusement into the picture. It made us all break up into laughter! Our favorite photo of the shoot? This one! Because not only was it shining with playfulness, it showed lightheartedness & love.

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